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Raiden & Chanyeol – Yours (Feat. Lee Hi, Changmo)

Raiden & 찬열 (Chanyeol) - Yours (Feat. 이하이, 창모) Lyrics Genre : R&B/Soul Release Date : 2020-05-12 Language : Korean Hangul 입술에 가려진 눈빛의 속삭임 I’ll be yours I’ll be yours 무심한 관심만큼 아픈...

Raiden – The Only (Feat. Irene of Red Velvet)

Raiden - The Only (Feat. 아이린 of Red Velvet) Lyrics Genre : Electronica Release Date : 2019-08-02 Language : Korean Raiden - The Only Hangul 가끔씩 궁금해 색이 변해가는 저 하늘을...

Yuri & Raiden – Always Find You

유리 (Yuri) & Raiden - Always Find You Lyrics Genre : Electronica Release Date : 2018-01-26 Language : English Call me frustrated But I can’t get away get away Lovin...

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