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Pe2ny – 45 (feat. MYK) Lyrics


Pe2ny – 45 (feat. MYK) Lyrics

Genre : 힙합 (Hip-Hop) , 인스트루멘탈 힙합 (Instrumental HipHop)
Release Date : 2014-12-04
Language : English

out of sight out of mind
I lead out any negativity
there’s no energy
to waste it on hostility
the will to be free in your own way
the only way to save your day
give in to this
it’s the key to unlock
the gravity that lifts it all up

it’s all for the love of living
it’s only for the love of living

“forty five” the time is slipping
from my mind
I will put my records on
and let them play it
sitting on this cloud
let me free my mind
float away up to the moon
a far and stay out

somehow it’s over
that “someday” that never came
we gotta keep moving on it

to a sense of calm
what it’s like
with your defenses gone
sketch the notes
invent the song
live a master’s life
hangover till you
catch the after vibe
in the afterlife aint no hall of fame
no wall plaques or diamond chains
so refrain from refrain
what he say to she say
credit, loan, or prepaid
it’s nothing less than magic
and if it’s in your ears
just cut that static out