Patrick Joseph – Eclipse Lyrics


Patrick Joseph – Eclipse (이클립스) Lyrics My Beautiful Bride OST Part 3

Genre : TV 드라마 (TV Drama)
Release Date : 2015-07-18
Language : English

Night falls once again
Will sun rise again
Stone chain rising me down
Fall to heaven forever
Bye my love
Night rise heavenly
Sun falls Falling down
One last good bye
Fall to the hell
Is this the end
Suffer no more
Tears drop by mind’s eye
I’ll be here now
Till you get home
Darkness I see
There’s no more hope
Pray now angels to come
Till the end
May day day
How can I be
Rest in my arm
What can I do
May day day
Oh darling
Fire in my heart still burning
My love how could I
My love how can I
Petals falling down
Well I will realize
Door shuts heavenly
Pain rush in disguised
One last good bye
Stay in my arms
Until the end
Suffer no more
Tears drop by mind’s eye
Please come for me
One last farewell
Stronger I get
Days are to come
Pray now angels to go
Till the end
When the stars collapse
Will you be lying by me