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Oohyo (우효) – New Shoes

우효 (Oohyo) – New Shoes Lyrics
Genre : Electronica
Release Date : 2020-10-08
Language : English

I am a child crying in the shower
Looking at the bruises on her feet
New shoes she bought
Don’t fit her at all at all

I am a bird singing by your window
Humming to the songs
you play at night
Looking up at me
You’ll be thinking
something like this

Oh little bird
Wish I could fly like you
Only if I could fly
Wish I could fly like you

Sometimes I’ll sit out
on the bench
Sometimes I’ll miss out
on the fun
Won’t be too long
Till I finally get back home

And you’ll be right
here with me
With me

You’ll be right
With me

And you’ll be right
With me

You called me yours
And I’m satisfied

You called me yours yours
Yours yours

And I’m satisfied

New Shoes
Lyricist우효 (Oohyo)
Composed우효 (Oohyo)
Arranged우효 (Oohyo)

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