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Fling – Maria

플링 (Fling) – Maria Lyrics

Genre : Rock
Release Date : 2015-02-24
Language : English

Hey Maria
Why you think it’s done
All the light you have is gone
Hey Maria
Why you think it’s mad
Nothing in you is dead
Please come away
Yet I think I’d better stay
Please come away
And you’d rather be yourself
You maria (5x)
Why you staying blue
Is that making you wrong
Hey maria
It’s never what you say
When the things are shown
Please come away
Yet i think id better stay
Please run away
And you’d rather be youself
You maria (5x)
Is that the world killing you
If you have the lights
Hey maria
If you are feeling so alone
I will always be on your side
Please come on me
Please make me see
I will make you say all right
all right all right

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