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B-Free – Shadow (Feat. Cokejazz) [Hangul + Romanization]

비프리 (B-Free) – Shadow (Feat. Cokejazz) Lyrics

Genre : Rap / Hip-hop
Release Date : 2016-06-25
Language : Korean

B-Free – Shadow Hangul

그림자가 보여 니 미소에
나는 또 돈벌고 놀라가 미국에
너네는 집에가 질투해
너네는 새로운 작전이 필요해
너네는 갇혔지 미로에
cause ain’t shit working like either way
하와이에 가서 난 수영해
swim with the killer whales
finess like a 돌고래
사람은 변하지 결국엔 떠나지
하는건 좆도 없으면서 항상
사람들은 많은걸 원하지
but it’s okay
thats just the game that we play
you play on or your the one who gets played
속이 고 속이는 바닥에
누가 내 친구고 적인지 모르겠네
like one day they smile in your face
the next day they wanna piss on your grave
they wanna give up your name
they wanna see you in shakles and chains
떠나줘 혼자 있게
떠나줘 차라리 혼자 있게
좀 떠나줘 차라리 혼자 있게
그림자가 보여 니 미소에
난 그림자가 보여 니 미소에
Snakes wanna smile in yo face
dont even know your damn name
think that you’re getting big fame
think that you’re getting big bank
well hold up
was in the shadow so i took a gamble
came from the ghetto my path was narrow
i heard the devil so got me an angel
Now she cook for me tell me do to better
Life is a battle but
nothing that i cannot handle
Im in that bape hiding in camo
ducking the arrows
feeling like a veteran got me a metal
My chain my ring 24k
made 3 beats 3 songs in three days
put it out time to get paid
put it out time to get paid
out of the shadow i made it yeah

B-Free – Shadow Romanization

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